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Greg Koch Fender Guitar History

The Greg Koch Fender guitar began to take shape all the way back when Greg Koch was in the third grade. Greg cut out cardboard Fender Stratocaster guitars, then Koch used his sisters sewing machine pedal as a wah-wah. By watching, listening and copying what he heard on records he was able to advance quickly.

Early on while playing his Greg Koch Fender guitar, Greg melded the blues, rock and country styles. Koch's Fender guitar playing style began to mutate. This continued by his playing in polka groups and blues-rock ensembles of his own creation. He even accompanied Elvis impersonators.

Greg Koch studied jazz guitar for four years at the University of Wisconsin. His musical maturity playing with a Fender led to national attention as a fiery instrumentalist. Greg was "Guitarist of the Year" (92, 94-99). His playing style has been featured on numerous TV and radio commercials including Sprite, Sassoon, Bank One and Oldsmobile.

Greg Koch utilizing his own tunes as a backdrop is one of a handful of guitarists that promote Fender, Guild, SUNN and De Armond instruments and tools. He created a unique clinic, in which he shares a wide array of tones, tricks and anecdotes with those present. Greg was present at the Summer NAMM 2000, to debut the Fender American Series Stratocaster. This summer music festival attracted large crowds and was a great success.


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